5 Gallon Summer Shower - Silver & Black

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    • 5-gallon outdoor shower powered by solar technology.
    • 4-ply construction with reflector panel and insulator panel.
    • Easy-to-use on/off showerhead and extra-large filling valve.
    • Side pocket for soap and shampoo. Water temperature gauge.
    • Weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    L. Kelley
    Brings Camping to the Next Level

    We just bought this and brought it on our first camping trip of the summer. Since the most scenic campgrounds tend to have the fewest amenities, being able to take a shower, was quite a treat. I am usually READY to go home after the second night of camping, but all fresh and clean with our handy shower, I could stay for a week!There was a big nail in the tree that we used to hang the sunshower. Filled, the bag gets very heavy (~38lbs), so you would need a VERY sturdy branch for hanging. Even with only a couple of hours of direct sun, the water gets warm enough to shower under. It held enough water for all four of us to take a good rinse and I used quite a bit of water washing my hair, and there was still some water left over. We are now brainstorming ways to set up the perfect privacy curtain, since the only unpleasant part of the shower experience was being cold in a wet bathing suit in the colder air at dusk. On our last day we only filled it up half-way to heat up faster so that Dad could take a rinse after breaking down the tent and packing up the car. It made for a much more pleasant ride home for all! This is definitely a permanent fixture in our camping tote!The only thing that was a bit tricky (but not enough so for me to knock off a star) is that filling it at a campground water spigot is a little hard to do alone. As it fills, the bag gets heavy, and it is difficult to both hoist the bag high enough and keep the spigot inside the hole, which is on the side of the bag, as it continues to fill it. A second set of hands for filling it up is certainly helpful. If they could somehow get the water fill hole in the top of the bag, instead of flat on the side, this might make it easier to fill.

    Aulbert B. West Jr.
    Good Product: Works very well

    It works very well, at first I thought it did not, thought it was leaking, but later I discovered had not closed the on-off button completely to the off position. It's got a temperature gage that goes up to 128 degrees Fahrenheit, but I think the actual heat may exceed even that.Was not what I expected, for some odd reason I was expecting something made of rigid plastic, and this is tough but not rigid. The seller was NOT misleading, it is indeed as described and pictured. It has a temperature gage, but not temperature control and that is my only problem with it. In other words, being a solar shower, my only problem is that it works very well, maybe too well.

    Thoroughly Impressed

    I used this for 2 days at itchetucknee springs campground, the first day I had warm water,the second day i set it out,I had hot water (the temp was at 120 degrees Fahrenheit) this was a great buy.

    Maria B.
    Nice looking and durable

    Great product, as advertised. VERY durable: we have dropped the shower full of water couple of times and nothing happened to it. Silver-colored on its front, it looks cute yet warms water as good as black showers do since it has black backside.The mirror supplied with the shower is crappy and not useful but who needs a mirror while taking a shower in wilderness?

    Sturdy, great flow, no leaks

    This is a fantastic camp shower. It is made incredibly sturdy and does a good job of holding heat. Also, the faucet head has a good flow, stronger pressure even than some home showers that run on wells! Other camp showers we have owned have had slow trickles coming out and were essentially worthless as it took too long to rinse off. The ONLY major issue with this shower is how heavy it is. I went to test it in the shower before taking it on a trip, and when I had it 3/4 of the way full, I could not lift it above my head. But that is not the fault of the shower, it is just how heavy water is. So, if you want a five gallon shower, you'll have to find a way to overcome this. I had my husband hold it up so I could try it. We were impressed with the flow and the fact that it didn't have one single leak and the faucet could be turned on and off without dripping. But short of attaching it to a tree or the rack on our truck, we can't find anything strong enough to hold it above head height that is worth toting on a camping trip (pop up shower tents will not hold this up). Because we had less of an ability to choose the location of our shower, we purchased a cheap kid's inflatable swimming pool to catch the water, so that we wouldn't be creating puddles in areas where we wanted to walk.OVERALL:The shower has a panel that increases the amount of solar power warming the water. There is a mirror attached to a string that doesn't stay in the pocket if this is moved around, but doesn't hurt to have thrown into the box with the shower. The faucet has a strong flow and can be turned on and off without leaks. The handle is very sturdy. I highly recommend this camp shower.