Survival Shovel - 28" - Silver

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    • Sturdy Survival Shovel: The shovel head is made of 2.5mm thickened manganese steel, using the third generation of manganese steel integrated casting technology with high strength, high toughness, which is strong enough to withstand the hardest conditions. The handle adopts anti-skid ergonomic three-section aeronautical aluminum tubes.
    • Multifunctional Folding Shovel: Shoveling, chopping, sawing, cutting, digging, hoeing, igniting, opening bottles, breaking glasses, etc. It can be used as a shovel, hammer, saw, hoe, glass breaker, screwdriver, fish scaler. The scaler can be used to peel fruits, cut ropes, and scrap fish scales. 
    • Portable & Compact: The shovel can be folded into a compact size to store in the carrying pouch that comes with the package, and you can be put it into a backpack, car, or toolbox. Foldable, removable, easy to install. Easy to adjust to 3 different lengths: 45cm, 56.5cm, 77cm.

    Customer Reviews

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    Extremely versatile and compact!

    Feels sturdy and is extremely compact. It's an 11-in-1 tool: shovel, flat head and Phillips screwdriver, axe, saw, bottle opener, fish scaler/knife, fire starter, window breaker, and whistle. We'll have to see if it can hold up to tough jobs...

    Dave Greenbaum
    Always Have a Shovel Handy

    When you need a shovel, you need a shovel. The problem is they take up space and hard to transport. This one does a great job at basic digging and fits into a backpack.With all the extra tools attached, this is staying in the trunk of the car when not in use. If I ever get stuck somewhere, being able to move dirt to dig myself out will be quite handy

    Samuel G. Peterson
    Durable and good for multiple tasks!

    I am really happy with this folding camping shovel. My old Coleman shovel that I have had for a long time worked great as a shovel, but after it broke and I went on the lookout for a new replacement, I’ve been amazed at how much more I can accomplish with this product. It really is a multi functional tool. I no longer have to bring my hatchet to chop small pieces of wood for campfires. The ask side of the shovel works fantastic for this. The fire starter is great for emergency purposes although I haven’t had the need to use it yet. And then on top of everything I love how small the folded down version of the shovel is. I was impressed so I included a few pictures. This shovel feels very strong and durable when you put it together.

    J S
    Compact not too heavy

    It's heavy enough to feel solid but not heavy enough that you couldn't carry with you on a hike. I used it to dig small holes for my restroom tent and it cut through the soil with no problem. good for what it is, a portable, compact shovel that you can carry with you.

    Great for gardening - Swiss Army Knife of shovels

    I got this for gardening because the standard gardening shovels are just too small. I was quickly able to dig 3 holes for 3 different 5 gallon plants. The blade is sharp and digs deep with each thrust. I was done in 10 minutes.There’s several accessories that basically make this like a Swiss Army knife. The extension poles each screw into the next to get to the full length. It feels good in the hand.I’ve had folding military shovels before and they didn’t work as well as this one. This one locks in place really tight and doesn’t fold in on itself while digging like my others did. It’s strong, sturdy and quality made. It comes with a camo pouch for the blade and another camo pocket pouch for the extension rods.