Portable Camping Chair - Black

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    • Padded camping chair with fully cushioned seat and back for comfort.
    • Built-in beverage-cooler pouch (hangs from armrest) for up to 4 12-ounce cans.
    • Integrated cup holder for holding an open beverage. A storage pocket for magazines and personal items.
    • Heavy-duty steel frame provides reliable strength. It is collapsible, has a folding design, is compact, and folds up to fit inside most car trunks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great for Beach or Lake

    Bought them to take to the beach with us last year, but they are so compact, I just keep them in the trunk all the time now so when we pop over to the Lake for the weekend or head out to the mountains on a Saturday, they are easy to grab and pop open by the water. Love the cooler inside the arm rest. Have small ice packs that I put in there with my drink, then the cup holder is on the other arm rest. Work well for larger people too because have one family member who's close to 300 lbs who loves sitting in them.

    Renea M. Quarles
    Get this chair!

    Used it for the first time with heat index in triple digits at an outdoor concert. Mesh seat inserts a definite plus. Lightweight. Easy to set up. Better sitting and back support than your bargain chairs bought elsewhere. Very pleased with my purchase.

    Jonathan Pedrone
    comfortable, and definitely a step above some of the ...

    I use this chair for all sorts of activities, from watching my daughter play softball, to the beach, to sitting in the backyard around the fire pit, this chair is well made, comfortable, and definitely a step above some of the other similar chairs that are out there. The chair is sturdy, and made of thick quality fabric. I can feel the difference between this chair and other similar chairs that I have. This one is a bit heavier and larger and definitely thicker. Other chairs like this that I have had last about a year or two before they tear or break completely, but I think this chair will definitely last much longer.It is easy to set up and fold up as well. The chair is very comfortable to sit in, so that even if you are in it for a long period of time you will not find yourself becoming uncomfortable. The chair comes with a small cooler attached to one arm (which I don't normally use because if I am bringing drinks with me I pack them in a separate cooler -- you can't put drinks in the cooler then fold up the chair easily for storage). But the cooler is a nice addition that will keep a cold drink cold lonter for you, so it is an added convenience. The chair folds up and goes right into the storage bag easily for transport and storage. Putting the chair back into the bag is a tight fit, but because of this the chair goes away into storage taking up a smaller amount of space.At a $25 price point this chair is superior to other similar chairs, and one that will last the test of time. I can see myself using this chair all of the time, and I think you will like it as well.

    Great Chair

    I found the chair very comfortable and high enough where you don't have trouble getting out of it like some folding chairs. I like the accessories it has like the insulated bag and the drink holder. It's a good weight so it's not too heavy to carry. Would recommend this chair.

    Bryce Craigie
    Very nice chair

    The padded version is very nice. I didnt even realize it came with the cooler in the arm it's big enough for 2 cans. We will see how it hold up over time, especially where these type of chairs always rip on the arms. I will update this if and when they do. Would buy again